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B12 injection: Increases metabolism, brain health, mood boosting, and healthy hair/nails/skin. Slim injection: Complement your weight loss regimen to get more out of your workout.


You could consider Vitamin B12 the “Superman” (or woman!) of vitamins. This water-soluble vitamin is vital for many important bodily functions, including the formation of red blood cells, DNA synthesis, and nerve regeneration. For this reason, it’s been used to help enhance athletic performance, fight fatigue, and provide additional energy to get through hectic schedules.

This vitamin exists in several forms, and because it contains a bit of a mineral called cobalt, the compounds within vitamin B12 are often referred to as cobalamins. All of the B vitamins play an important role in your body’s metabolism and health, but vitamin B12 plays a particularly prominent part.

The B vitamins, and particularly vitamin B12, play a vital role in how your body produces what it needs for energy. If you’re deficient in vitamin B12, an injection will definitely give your energy level a boost. In fact, one of the first signs of vitamin B12 deficiency is fatigue.


This is a dose of vitamin B12 administered through intramuscular injection, and it’s designed to give a healthy dose of energy, as well. An injection is an efficient way for vitamin B12 to be delivered into the system.

Vitamin B12 injections offer several benefits including:

  • Enhanced metabolic functions
  • Enzyme production
  • DNA synthesis
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Hormonal balance
  • Mood improvement
  • Skin pigment balance
  • Youthful skin
  • Increased energy

Your body can’t store vitamin B12, so a vitamin B12 injection can be repeated once a week, and it’s important to have repeat injections to ensure your body is functioning at its optimum level and receiving the vitamin B12 it needs to remain focused and healthy.

Boost your metabolism with injectable energy

Sometimes diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to get rid of stubborn excess fat. When you feel you’ve reached a plateau with your workout, ProAge Med Spa’s Vitamin B12 slim shots may be what you’re looking for. Our injections contain many essential nutrients and amino acids that work together to kick start your metabolism, increase your energy levels, and rid the body of fatty deposits.

Supercharge your weight loss efforts

Our slim shots are often administered in conjunction with a medically supervised weight loss program. The goal of this procedure is to increase energy and boost your overall metabolic rate. Many patients are impressed at how it energizes the body and aids them with their fat loss journey.

Ensure your body functions at its peak

We will administer LIPO Injections, and B12 shots on a weekly basis providing you with a continuous energy boost and much-needed infusion of nutrients. After the injections, your metabolism will greatly improve and your body will be in a perfect condition to achieve your weight loss goals.

How Does B12 Help With Fatigue?

Fatigue is one of the most common signs of B12 deficiency. A primary role of B12 is to create energy in cells. When you don’t have enough of the vitamin, your motivation levels drop.

Feeling sluggish can take a toll on every aspect of your day. Not to mention, low vitamin B12 levels can create feelings of depression and anxiety. This unsavory combination can lead to performance changes at work, at the gym, and in personal relationships.

Getting your B12 levels back into a balanced state can change your outlook on life and the will you have to succeed.

Great For Hair, Skin, & Nails

Because Vitamin B12 has a unique role in the production and regeneration of cells, this means that it’s important to have healthy levels of this vitamin to have healthy skin, hair and nails.

If you do have a vitamin B12 deficiency, it will show up in different dermatological areas. These include:

  • Discolored nails
  • Changes in hair
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Patchy loss of skin color (vitiligo)
  • Angular stomatitis (cracked corners of the mouth)

Treatment with vitamin B12 has been shown to help alleviate these conditions.

Powerful Mood Booster

Vitamin B12 can improve your mental health. Research shows that this essential nutrient helps synthesize and metabolize the feel-good chemicals serotonin and dopamine. When your body’s running low on B12, your serotonin and dopamine may also drop. Reduced serotonin and dopamine can lead to depression, sleep disorders, or other unwelcome mood changes. Supplementing with B12 injections could lift your mood without pharmaceuticals.

Good For The Bones

Vitamin B12 helps keep your bones healthy. Older individuals, especially women, are at risk of developing osteoporosis: a condition that causes weak and fragile bones. Scientists have found a link between vitamin B12 and higher bone density. Keeping your B12 levels in a healthy range can prevent you from fracturing or breaking bones and from developing osteoporosis.

Could Preserve Brain Function

Science links low levels of vitamin B12 to reduced cognitive function, like dementia and memory loss. Some evidence suggests that supplementing with B12 can reverse the effects of reduced brain function in individuals who have a deficiency.

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